Gallatin County Board of Education

75 Boardwalk

Warsaw, KY 41095

Superintendent: Dorothy Perkins

Ph: 859.567.2828

Building Data:

Building Area: 85,000+ S.F.

Construction Cost: $9,000,000

Student Capacity: 500

Status: Complete

The design for Gallatin County High School first began in 1993. Clotfelter/Samokar was hired to provide planning and design services for the new High School. We began with the development of the educational specifications and building program. Upon completing the programming, our staff met with all the teachers from specialty areas to coordinate their specific curriculum needs. Our challenge for this project was to develop a master plan that incorporated future, phased additions. The Owner’s plan was to add a Vocational wing, Auditorium, Gymnasium & Athletic Facilities. The Board of Education and Administration adhered to the master plan for phases over a period of ten years, which allowed this project to be the success that it was. The final phase – a gymnasium and athletic fields – was completed in 2003. Our design scheme centered around making the High School a very distinguished, high-profile entity, able to be seen and recognized from a distance in each direction.